¡Aventuras por milas! Continued

The boat ride was amazing, and it led to the most incredible little hotel tucked away in the depths of the rain forest. The shade provides a nice break from the heat and the trees are home to howler monkeys and more sloths!

A three-toed sloth!

A three-toed sloth!

After checking into the rooms and a bit of pool time, we took a boat again to the town of Tortuguero, which is full of fascinating history. We learned about the work being done to conserve the sea turtle, and Columbia College adopted a sea turtle!

Our adopted sea turtle!

Our adopted sea turtle!

The town of Tortuguero is gorgeous and friendly. The people were nice, the stores were interesting, and there were so many precious dogs running around. There are no cars allowed in the town, so it was lovely to meander from store to store without traffic to bother us.

We were also able to visit a beach that is on the Carribean side of Costa Rica, and it was fantastic. The water felt nice, the breeze was calming, and the waves were wonderful. It was surprising that the sand was dark brown instead of light brown/almost white, but it felt the same.

All the ladies at the beach

All the ladies at the beach

A panorama

A panorama

We had dinner once we returned to the hotel, and several people went on a night walk in search of frogs and other reptiles. Fingers crossed they find something amazing!


2 thoughts on “¡Aventuras por milas! Continued

  1. Looks fun and what a great educational and travel experience! Do you get to track your adopted sea turtle, Cee Cee?

  2. Reblogged this on Shiny Happy Peebles and commented:
    I know this is a detour from my normal content, but I just have to share this blog from a group of Columbia College students who are traveling in Costa Rica right now. I backpacked across Costa Rica when I was a student at CC, so I’m thrilled to read about these young ladies!

    I’m always amazed how bits and pieces of our past and present can intersect. Thanks especially to the sense of sisterhood at my alma mater, I feel connected to these girls and proud of them. Leaving your comfort zone and experiencing the great, big world takes courage, and it is a journey that will change you forever … which brings to mind one of my favorite quotes on travel:

    “Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” – Mary Ritter Beard

    Wishing these young women a beautiful and transformational adventure. Pura Vida, Koalas!

    Learn more about Columbia College at http://www.columbiasc.edu.

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